Come forward, reflect corporate culture, and promote positive energy!

A few days ago we received a briefing from Mr. Wang Shiqi, the head of the Jinqiao base of Changchun Bombardier Rail Vehicle Co., Ltd., our customer. On July 5, 2019, our employee Shu Chengjian went to the Jinqiao base for construction operations. During the operation, Wang Jianhui, an accompanying person at the base, had a sudden kidney stone disease. The stone blocked the ureter and caused renal colic. , And temporarily lose the ability to act independently. Due to the relatively large jurisdiction of the base, other personnel did not get the news of Wang Jianhui and rushed to him. At a critical juncture, our staff member Shu Chengjian drove Wang Jianhui to the hospital for medical treatment, so that he was treated immediately, his pain time was reduced, and medical treatment was accompanied throughout the process.
At a critical juncture, we can step forward. This spirit is worthy of our affirmation and praise and learning. This reflects the corporate culture of Tianyou Railway and makes our customers more confident in the people and products of Tianyou Railway. In the end, the customers affirmed and thanked Shu Chengjian and Tianyou Railway for their long-term service!
After our company was informed of this, Shu Chengjian stepped forward during the after-sales service, properly handled the major emergencies of the customer, received the affirmation and praise of the customer, won a good reputation for the company, and promoted the positive energy of the society. 司为其颁发奖状及现金奖励! Our company awarded me a certificate and cash reward!

Shanghai Tianyou Railway New Technology Research Institute Co., Ltd. July 17, 2019